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Canadian Passport and Visa Photo Studio

We are passport photo specialized studio in Calgary, Our passport size pictures are 100% accepted all places. We also take passport size pictures for kids, babies pictures. If you are looking for great family pictures or new born babies pictures you are at the right place. We have a very professional team that always there to help you. Canadian Passport photos captured and printed in 10 minutes every time you visit our shop. Don’t waste your time and money on other stores that charges more money and there pictures also not accepted at lots of places.

Indian visa or passport size photos

Get Indian visa photos and we also fill applications for Indian visa, Indian passport renewal, OCI , Indian e-visa, PR applications. We take passport pictures for Indian visa, China visa, US visa, UK visa, Europe visa, security license Pictures, PR card, Nepal visa, nicob, Pakistani visa and all other kind of passport size pictures.
Looking for Canadian passport photos for your upcoming trip? For high quality and clear pictures, make sure you get in touch with us. All our passport photographs are accepted at important places. For this purpose we have our own special studio in Calgary. We will help you plan ahead for any trip.
Passport Photo Studio ensures that passport pictures here are shot and printed in just ten minutes. It will be pointless for you to search for any other Visa Photo Studio in Calgary, as they are likely to charge a bomb and not even provide good quality pictures. Our professional team ensures that you never have a problem.
Our studio at 4862 50 Avenue Northeast has been set up at a convenient location. We are close to the McKnight Boulevard NE. In case you are looking for photographs for new born babies or for families, you are definitely at the right place. Our expert staff will ensure that you look your best in every captured shot. The staff also are patient with customers in explaining to them about different poses. Apart from the Canadian visa, we also click passport pictures for UK visa, US visa, Indian visa, Pakistan visa, Nepal visa and others.

Advantages of planning ahead for passport photos

As far as possible, one must plan ahead while looking to accumulate all the documents for visa applications. It is advisable to also have your passport photos clicked before time, instead of leaving this task for the last minute. As we believe in advance planning, we will always be glad to assist you through our passport services. Here are some advantages of clicking with us:

• Photos can easily be used for Citizenship, Permanent Residence and travel visas. Thus you can take many of them at one time
• Specialists in clicking baby photographs
• Professional photos confirm to various Government regulations
• Very low rejection rate, if at all
Technology has changed by leaps and bounds in every industry, and photography cannot be left far behind. Lenses have become more powerful and resolution has improved over the years. We at Passport Photo Studio have kept pace and rely on some of the most powerful DSLR cameras for pictures. Due to the expertise of photographers, you can be assured of best quality images. Not to forget, our prices are most inviting as well.
So what are you waiting for? Come let us fulfill your dream of travel through our photo studio.

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